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One of the unique abilities of the Firm is to resolve cases on terms acceptable to their Clients. The Firm develops an aggressive, practical, innovative and state of art strategies for its diverse client base and consequently have gained a wide spectrum of experience in providing business advice. At S.K.Srivastav& Co., the team of skilled professionals endeavours to serve the clients efficiently and effectively and to fulfil the needs and expectations at best. This explains why they are justifiably proud of their numerous long-standing and close client relationships. They are retained as Legal Counsel by a large number of business houses

Mr. Srivastav further added, “My firm has always been associated with clients for the long term since we have started. We are still working with clients who joined us in 1985 and besides we believe strongly in long term associations.


In the long duration The Firm serving its clients, they have come across their own set of challenges and have faced them with grace and knowledge. There are innumerable situations where the Firm and the Clients do not think alike but however Mr. Srivastav and his team always provide the Client with the best suited solutions.

In Intricate Matters then we advise the Client the best strategy to resolve the Matter. To us the best Compliment is when our opponents refers Clients to the Firm. The Litigation System in India is a long drawn process so we advice always to work out a solution so that the matter can be resolved successfully. We have been successful in mediation and resolving the Matter  so that it is a win win situation for both the sides, asserts Mr. Srivastav.


The times have changed immensely with the demand for lawyers growing with time, technology has played an important role in revamping the legal set up as well, new software and updates are being incorporated by the firm to ensure technological advancement and development.

“Modernization is an essential part of our growth, first the computer came, and then came the networks, and then the internet and eventually we have adopted latest modern Technology to aid and assist the Firm  in conducting advanced Legal Research and also absorbing all the applications available for the legal setup and initiated all the subscription to law websites/updates” emphasizes Mr. Srivastav.


Mr. Srivastav added, if you come to us with Legal Problem and needs  will give you a solution and a way to move ahead because of the experience we have while on the other hand, the other firms depend on third parties to find a solution for them. We resolve the matter and that is our USP, I plan the strategies rather than depending on other people.” 

S.K. Srivastav & Co. has a team of skilled legal experts who advance their knowledge through law books, websites and softwares that are available for reference at the Firm. There is a research and development team that keeps the firm updated with the change in Law and they update us with latest laws to enable us to carry out our research.

“It is significant to have a strong team, not a big one. We all learn from our experiences, and in time I have realized that it is essential to have a team that is working towards a common goal, it is the will to succeed that counts,  We believe, We Fight, We Win. To succeed in Legal Profession  a Lawyer should be sincere , hardworking adaptable , Litigation can go in several directions , our Firm can guide you to the right one, asserts Mr. Srivastav


Mr. Srivastav feels, the role of the government impacts the sector because they keep changing the legal scenario, government policies, and business policies. Big Firm set up Offices in India and many Law Firms merge with larger Law Firms and the Legal Profession will be diversified. The entire legal scenario is up for a change if the Government decides to open doors for foreign lawyers, in that event, Lawyers cannot advertise, but if they are allowed to, the scenario will be like it is in other Countries, presently work for Lawyers in India is restricted.

Mr. Srivastav further added, “It is all set to change, of course in its own sweet time, but it will. Lawyers will be allowed to carry on all work as International Firms are presently carrying out . The companies in the future will prefer tie-ups with foreign brands. there will be several large Law Firms with Offices all over the World.


The firm is looking towards a positive and bright future, moving in sync with the changing trends of the legal scenario, there are expansion plans on the cards with the next generation taking over the firm and incorporating fresh and innovative ideas into the picture. At present Litigation, Arbitration and IPR has been the prime focus of the Firm, but with India growing and developing each day, the firm is looking to explore the fields of M&A Foreign collaboration, Joint Ventures, Foreign Investment and _____


In India there is no restriction for any Lawyer to take up any Matter, whereas in other Country Lawyers, can only take up Matters in which he specializes and has to specifically declare to the Client that he is or not an expert on the particular subject failure to do so can lead to claims that is why Law Firms require Indemnity Insurance.Presently are not included in the definition of Consumers and the Client canot make claims against the Lawyer for deficiency in services but it is a matter of time that the scenario will change and legal services will also be included in the services and dissatisfied Clients can make claims for deficiency in legal services.

Mr. Srivastav wraps up with. Its pointless to run after the need to understand the Law First. The Knowledge is what will help them to grow, a lot of people couldn’t make it too far in this industry because their passion wasn’t backed with hard work. Hardwork is important, knowledge is important and only then you will achieve what you seek.